At a time when it is becoming harder than ever to maintain an independent voice in defending the interests of those who find themselves homeless on the streets, ALICE LEAHY who comes from Annsgift, Fethard, said the tremendous support from her home area in Tipperary meant a great deal both to her and her colleagues in TRUST.

Speaking at the presentation of prizes at the Golf Classic organised for TRUST at Slievenamon Golf Club ALICE LEAHY said that great credit was due organisers FRANK PURCELL, who runs the MOTORWAY business in Dublin, and VINCENT (JASPER) MURPHY, McCarthy’s Bar & Hotel, Fethard, who had put enormous work into making the event such a tremendous success.

“This initiative is also a real bridge between urban and rural Ireland. Almost every day we meet people who find themselves homeless on the streets of Dublin from many parts of rural Ireland including my home county.” ALICE LEAHY said.

ALICE LEAHY went on: “The phrase “there go I but for the grace of God” some people who come into contact with our work often say when they realise the kind of people who can become homeless on the streets. Over the years we have helped former doctors, solicitors, academics and even a well known Irish rugby players as well as people from less well paid professions and those who did not enjoy any such advantages in life at all.”

“However, at a time of prosperity when considerable resources are available our biggest challenge has been to ensure that people come first and that resources are deployed in a way that really helps rather than further excludes people who are already outsiders. Indeed, we find increasingly that resources are often given out to organisations to stifle criticism rather than to help people. We insist on speaking out in defence of the most vulnerable and to do that we must raise our own resources which is why we value this support from all of those who have supported this event in Fethard.”

“This help from my home place means a great deal not only in financial terms but also as a form of moral support as well. When one speaks out it can be a lonely experience as we have found over the years. This is why we value so much the enormous time and effort put in by organisers Frank Purcell and Jasper Murphy and the generosity of all who supported this event. Your generosity will go to help outsiders some of whom come from places very close to the places we all call home,” ALICE LEAHY said.

FRANK PURCELL one of the organisers offered special thanks to Slievenamon Golf Club Captain and Club Secretary for their generous support as well as RTE Sports Presenter Peter Collins who presented the prizes and helped make the event such a success. He also paid special tribute to his co-organiser JASPER MURPHY and thanked everyone who participated.

“We were very impressed by Alice’s work for the outsider and the difference she and her colleagues at TRUST are making for those who find themselves on the outside of society,” FRANK PURCELL said.

TRUST is a non denominational, non party political body that provides health and social services for people who become homeless. TRUST is also committed to sharing the insights gained in its everyday work through education and advocacy.