The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of TRUST, Professor JAMES McCORMICK has warmly welcomed Alice Leahy’s appointment to the Irish Human Rights Commission as recognition of many years of determination and commitment in defending the rights of the most marginalised in Irish society especially those who are homeless on the street.

The Irish Human Rights Commission (IHCR) is an independent statutory body, established by the government, to promote and protect human rights in Ireland. The IHRC works closely with the Human Rights Commission in Northern Ireland and they were both established under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

“As Director and Co-Founder of TRUST over many years Alice has shown the kind of dedication that is essential to make a difference for the outsider. Speaking on behalf of all of our Trustees I can state with confidence that as a Human Rights Commissioner with such extensive knowledge and experience she will have some impact in this position. Indeed, at a time when TRUST has already become involved in advocating human rights based approaches through our Education and Awareness Programme which Alice also manages, the timing of this appointment is especially welcome as it represents a logical extension of her work here in TRUST,” Professor JAMES McCORMICK said.

Alice Leahy thanked the Chairman and Trustees for their congratulations and support and said she is looking forward to working with the other members of the Human Rights Commission especially in raising the profile of human rights in the homeless, health and social services.

“All of the health and social services must become more people centred or nothing will change. While that might sound simplistic and over idealistic it means nothing less than ensuring that the rights of all, including those who are outsiders and have no voice, are fully respected. And we have a means of making that happen by ensuring all of the services adopt human rights based approaches in their work. I look forward through my work as a Human Rights Commissioner in advancing that ambitious agenda,” ALICE LEAHY said.