ALICE LEAHY, Director & Co-Founder of TRUST, announced today (Monday, 31 March, 2008) that detailed plans had been presented to Dublin City Council for the provision of public shower facilities in Dublin. Describing the plans as highly innovative and offering several options for consideration, Alice Leahy said that TRUST commissioned Architect Niall ó h-Éalaithe, Open Office Architects, to prepare detailed plans after the tremendous response received following the presentation of the original idea to Lord Mayor Vincent Jackson over eighteen months ago.

“We are very confident, given the highly positive reaction we have received to our detailed proposals that this initiative will be formally taken up by Dublin City Council which is currently considering them at this time. In the meantime, we are continuing to seek support for the idea because we are acutely aware what a tremendous difference the provision of public showers would make for people in Dublin, both citizens and visitors, as well as the people we work with,” ALICE LEAHY said.

The original proposal submitted by TRUST to Lord Mayor Vincent Jackson may be found here.