– Joe Stynes (Letters, April 30th) identified the failure to provide shower facilities in office blocks as the biggest hindrance to cyclists, and called for their mandatory provision as part of all planning permissions. We have been lobbying for some time for the provision of public shower facilities in Dublin to help prevent people becoming part of the long-term homeless community when they get into difficulties, as well as making life more bearable for those on the streets.

Indeed, his short letter was remarkable in the way that it mirrored our submission to Dublin City Council, in the sense that we argued these facilities would have wide appeal, and be of use not only to cyclists, but long distance commuters and tourists as well.

We commissioned an architect to prepare plans and showed how these facilities could be provided in a truly creative way, and could even become a signature service of the city of Dublin. Joe Stynes suggested that only people who do not care about their co-workers could be unconcerned about this critical service. Unfortunately, someone anxious to get a job and avoid becoming homeless does not have that luxury. And if we care about giving everyone a chance to participate fully in society we must recognise that personal hygiene is not only a very basic right, but a necessary part of any concept of holistic personal health care.

– Yours, etc,
Director Co-founder TRUST,
Dublin 8.