Reading the report on the death of a homeless man on December 7 by Louise Hogan I am mindful of the death of Pauline and Danny in a derelict site in Benburb Street in December 1992 and all the publicity that followed. Now 19 years on, what has changed?

Millions of taxpayers’ money has been spent, more reports have been produced, more experts have moved on — and so, too, public representatives.

What has changed is the amount of reactive press releases from the Dublin Region Homeless Executive.

We have publicly stated, and so, too, have some other non grant-aided agencies, that the plan hasn’t worked; the new plan, which is much the same, is also unlikely to work.

I am greatly concerned that unless those in a position of responsibility accept the fact that the plan has failed, and stop blaming those who question it in 50 years’ time we will be repeating the same mantra.

Alice Leahy
TRUST, Bride Road, Dublin 8