You can listen to the podcast here on the RTE website.

This week, Miriam O Callaghan meets Alice Leahy, co founder of the homeless charity Trust, and her husband Charlie Best.

Charlie was working as a taxi driver when he first met Alice who often used the taxi when visiting hostels or bringing homeless people to hospital. She noticed his kindness to Trust’s clients and invited him to a tea party at the centre.

Alice explains to Miriam that many years ago, a woman who Alice cared for in Baggot Street Hospital predicted many things for her, including that she would marry a widower with the initials CB.

Charlie tells Miriam how his first wife Sheila died when she was young, leaving him with three growing children to care for. When he married Alice, they all managed to get along well. But his dog, Holly, was jealous of his new wife.

Alice tells Miriam about her childhood in Fethard in County Tipperary, while Charlie tells of growing up in Dublin and following his father into the taxi business.

Alice reflects on her work with Trust, telling Miriam that homelessness is not just about not having a house. Homeless people are often outsiders.

Alice has no intention of retiring from Trust, while Charlie is busier than ever during his retirement – he spends time cooking, gardening, doing community work and working as an extra in television drama and in movies.

You can listen to the podcast here on the RTE website.