Sir, – It is interesting to note (World News, April 25th) plans by London councils to relocate homeless people on housing benefit to a location 200 km away. While not wishing to comment on issues outside the jurisdiction of this State, such a move is likely to be replicated here, as whatever happens in London follows here as sure as night follows day.

Moving people out of the city has been happening here for some time, even if in a subtle manner in some instances. A large number of homeless people we know ended up in prison for the high-profile visits of Queen Elizabeth and President Barack Obama.

We all know the Olympic Games will take place shortly in London. Here the Eucharistic Congress will take place – let’s hope the powers that be do not follow suit in an attempt to give a good impression of our capital city.

Cities are about diversity and homelessness is not just about housing alone – many people treated as outsiders for many social reasons can live anonymously in cities and cities surely are not about buildings and streets only.

Our recent history of relocation throughout the country has been poorly planned and not assessed. If it ever is, the findings are likely to be ignored as we struggle through our catastrophic recession. – Yours, etc,

Director Co-Founder, Trust,
Bride Road, Dublin 8.