Madam — Last week’s Sunday Independent covered the important political events of the week. DecIan Lynch, however, captured so well an issue of grave concern in today’s Ireland.

The terminology used at all levels obscures conveniently the real picture of what is happening throughout our country. The spin used to cover up the pain, isolation, and potential of human beings cast aside, many of those just because of their age and location, is breathtaking. The numerous jargon-filled reports compiled with conclusions reached with ‘focus groups’ conveniently never delve beneath the surface. The value of the chat with a cigarette, pint of stout, post-mortem on the races won and lost in a warm pub, with a neighbour who lives miles away, is now sadly confined to history.

DecIan’s article shouId be compulsory reading for planners. Politicians have a responsibility to address this issue. Rural isolation and indeed pockets of isolation in urban areas should be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Alice Leahy, Director & Co-Founder, TRUST, Dublin