Patsy McGarry’s article on President Michael D Higgins made for welcome reading (“Goodwill to all NGOs, gardai and the church”, Rite & Reason, December 16th). We as a nation appear to be drowning in negativity at every turn. As Mr Higgins said in Ethiopia about missionaries and those working in NGOs, “to me they represent an Irishness to which all of us should aspire”. Maybe we have to travel abroad and look back to see the qualities at times hidden beneath the surface, qualities we are afraid to express and qualities we are in danger of loosing. Blaming everyone else for the problems we see all around us has become the norm as personal responsibility appears to have taken a back seat. Wouldn’t it be great to start of the new year on a positive note, ringing to the sound of “yes we can”. This only requires changing the mindset first.
-Yours, etc,
Director and co-founder, Trust, Bride Road, Dublin 8