Sir, – The letter by Mares Hickey (June 6th) not only highlights her dealings with bureaucracy but has echoed the frustrations of many others and should be studied by those in a position of responsibility. It is truly shocking that advocates are required to ensure that people get what they rightfully deserve.
Elderly and vulnerable people, many of whom worked hard to build up this State and fought for the rights of others, find themselves now in a situation of dependency.
Technology plays a key role in the delivery of today’s services right across the board. However there is a downside to this because all too often we hear how it is the “computer’s fault” when things go wrong and files go missing.
Bureaucracy has gone mad at all levels, not forgetting the frustration of wasting time pressing buttons on a phone, never getting to speak to an actual person. This is not helped by totally unsoothing music at the other end while being assured that our patience is greatly appreciated.
Services for the public, particularly the elderly and vulnerable people and their carers should be friendly, easily accessible and certainly less complicated.
People who strive to listen to others in the delivery of services are all too often accused of “wasting time with people”. – Yours, etc,
Bride Road,
Dublin 8.