Sir, – Having come through two years with curtailed community living, the welcome letter, even if some were delivered at Christmas time a month after postage, was very much appreciated by many people living in isolation. Throughout that time the community gardaí and friendly postmen and postwomen reminded us of what is good in Irish society and they continue to do so in all weathers. Now the recent An Post increase of 15 cents on the postage stamp –the second substantial increase in recent times – will come as a blow to so many people who love to send and get a letter.

Our public services have changed dramatically. Some will argue it is for the better, however that is debatable. The focus on public service needs to be on the consumer, who doesn’t need to hear a repeated message that they are 12th or 20th in the queue. Not everyone can use or wants to use technology. Broadband services are not readily available to all on our island and their needs should not be forgotten. Politicians and advisers, please note that the simple letter can make one’s day. – Yours, etc,


Director of Services,

Alice Leahy Trust,

Dublin 8.