Compassionate caring returns as small upside to Covid-19 – Irish Times

It’s quieter in our reception area these days. We have reopened the doors of the Alice Leahy Trust on Dublin’s Bride Road with new practices for Covid times. We take temperatures, wear visors and ask everyone to wash their hands after they come in our basement door.

The first person back to us when we reopened hadn’t had a shower since we closed in March. He said he had been washing in streams or public toilets whenever he could. We were the only place where he felt he could have a shower or soak his feet. So he went without. Read the full article here

Article by Mick Clifford, Irish Examiner, Saturday 11th July 2020

In one strand of Greek philosophy, a person is not fully dead until burial. By that standard, Stephen Corrigan was caught between life and death for the nine years he lay in a bush a few metres from a busy thoroughfare, writes Michael Clifford…

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