Crude language is slippery slope | Irish Sunday Times 24th February 2019

“Have we humans always been so hateful to each other?” Justine McCarthy asks, a powerful question that should be asked nationwide at all levels(“Contempt is coming from the top down”, comment, last week).
The level of disrespect being shown to people in all walks of life is breathtaking when walking along the streets, shopping, on the buses or attempting to get service. It is even likely that road traffic accidents would decline if the simple word “respect” was practised.
The widespread use of crude language to get a point across is particularly unnecessary. Watching Dail “debates” has become painful and inspires little confidence, a real problem for our cherished democracy. This is a place where a good example should be shown. Tv and radio debates also leave much to be desired at times.
McCarthy’s article should be read widely. Maybe it would be a first step to making us nicer people.

Alice Leahy
Director of Services
Alice Leahy Trust

Homeless campaigner Alice Leahy named humanitarian of the year | The Irish Times 26th November 2018

Irish Red Cross awards recognise pupils’ campaign to revoke classmate’s deportation

Homeless campaigner Alice Leahy has been named as humanitarian of the year at an Irish Red Cross awards ceremony.

Ms Leahy was recognised for her lifetime of dedication to helping society’s most disadvantaged people, said Pat Carey, Irish Red Cross chairman.

“She has developed an unrivalled understanding of the needs of those on the margins of society and during every day of her working life she has implemented practical measures to help combat social exclusion,” Mr Carey added.

Ms Leahy, director and co-founder of the Alice Leahy Trust – a support centre for homeless people – has been working to secure better services for vulnerable people since the mid-1970s.

Students at Tullamore College who campaigned to revoke the deportation order of their friend Nonso Moujeke were also recognised at the Irish Red Cross Humanitarian Awards.

The Offaly teenager was facing deportation to Nigeria earlier this year despite having lived in Ireland since he was two years old.

Public toilets and the capital | The Irish Times 22nd November 2018

Sir, – At last Dublin City Council has budgeted €200,000 for two public toilets in a location yet to be decided on (Olivia Kelly, “Public toilets in pipeline for city centre after 20-year absence”, News, November 20th).

Isn’t it amazing that this decision should make headlines?

The Irish Times should take some credit for this decision following on its Weekend Review feature “Capital Ideas – 10 ideas for improving Dublin’s infrastructure, economy and daily life” (November 20th).

The Letters Page has raised the issue many times over the years. For publishing my plea for this issue to be addressed, I would like to say thank you. It’s been a long wait. – Yours, etc,


Director of Services,

Alice Leahy Trust,

Dublin 8.