This remarkable documentary may have made some of us realise that “there but for the grace of God, go I”

Mary Holland, The Observer

A FRAGILE CITY is about people who become outsiders in our society, and seeks to critically look at the nature of homelessness in a booming Ireland, where surprisingly, it is on the increase.

This documentary lets those who are on the outside of our society speak for themselves, and shows that the challenge involved in seeking to change and create a more caring attitude in this country is growing rather than diminishing!

“I have no friends,” said Damian, while Paddy described how: “I pick the loneliest spot in the park” to spend time, two quotes from those who participated in the documentary, underlining how people who become homeless are outsiders in a very real sense in our society.

“The response we received to A Fragile City showed people we all share a certain “sameness” or vulnerability. Indeed, the phrase “there but for the grace of God go I” really does apply to all of us given that we meet people everyday in TRUST from all levels and backgrounds in society. This is why we placed the video at the centre of our Transition Year project. If education means anything it must give us the ability to think and sometimes the question is more important than the answer,” said ALICE LEAHY, Director of TRUST.

This documentary is the result of several years of collaboration between ALICE LEAHY and filmmaker ANNE DALY. They first met when ANNE was a reporter in RTE, and covered many times the issues that ALICE and TRUST highlighted, especially the importance of tackling exclusion and the stigma associated with those who become homeless in Ireland.

A FRAGILE CITY was written and co-produced by Anne Daly and produced & directed by Ronan Tynan and made by the award winning Esperanza Productions. Those who participated in the documentary also included Poet Micheal O’Siadhail, whose book of poems, A Fragile City, inspired the title; Singer Christy Moore recorded a special version of Quiet Desperation for the documentary; Justice Michael Moriarty; Dr. Oliver Connolly; Journalist Padraig O’Morain and others.

“…a sharp and moving reminder of what can happen when a society no longer has place for the outsider.”

Kathy Sheridan, The Irish Times