“There are dozens of Dublin’s and we all think we know our own. But sometimes we can be jolted into a realisation that we do not know our city at all. All around us there can move backwards and forwards people whose lives have a different heart beat, whose hopes and dreams and expectations are wildly far from our own.”

MAEVE BINCHY from a foreword to the book Not Just a Bed for the Night by Alice Leahy & Anne Dempsey about Trust and people who become homeless in Dublin.

“Not just a bed for the night” was written by Alice Leahy and Anne Dempsey presents the story of TRUST and in a compelling way also seeks to give us an insight into what it is like to be a person who is homeless.

“Alice Leahy and Anne Dempsey, in their picture of the shifting, changing, homeless population of the city, may manage to open the eyes of their fellow Dubliners and make us look with more generous and thoughtful eyes on those who share our streets and parks and the banks beside our rivers and canals.” Maeve Binchy writing in the foreword to the book.

“The stories that unfold are not meant to make us guilty about hose who do have a peaceful place to rest at night; itís more a matter of killing the stereotype of the homeless. They are not all old, withdrawn, eccentric and reclusive. They come from everywhere, those who need a bed for the night.”

“Not just a bed for the night” was published in 1995 by Marino Books and its publication date co-incided with the twentieth anniversary of TRUST. The book is a riveting, sometimes shocking account of people who are homeless in our society and the reasons TRUST continues to play an essential role.