The Lord Mayor, Councillor Caroline Conroy spends a morning visiting the Alice Leahy Trust Centre – Tuesday 10th January 2023

From L to R: Alice Leahy, Director of Services, Lord Mayor Councillor Caroline Conroy and Chairman of Alice Leahy Trust, Maol Muire Tynan.
From L to R: Alice Leahy Trust Board Member Catherine Cleary, Lord Mayor Councillor Caroline Conroy, Alice Leahy Director of Services and Jeanette O’Brien, Manager
From L to R: Lisa Hackett, Catherine Cleary, Lord Mayor Councillor Caroline Conroy, Alice Leahy, Mark Duff and Brendan Corrigan.

Trading personal stories for care

Sir, – Gráinne Conroy poses a very important question, ”Why must we trade personal stories for healthcare?” (Opinion & Analysis, November 8th).

This issue is not just confined to women and healthcare. It is widespread.

Telling one’s story in great detail has increasingly become essential for people who are homeless to access accommodation, even at a very basic level or to link in with other services.

No doubt some details are essential but the very private details of one’s life, very often their only possession, can be too painful to recall at a time when “ticking the box” seems to be so important.

This needs to be an issue all of us need to be acutely aware of. – Yours, etc,


Director of Services,

Alice Leahy Trust,

Dublin 8.

Public showers

Sir, – We made a submission to Dublin City Council in July 2006 for public showers in our city and resubmitted our proposal again in July 2014, to no avail. We have highlighted the need for public showers at every opportunity through the media since then. Our country has changed dramatically in recent years; increasing numbers of people are now sleeping on our streets, added to by people fleeing Ukraine. The increased electricity and gas prices for struggling households clearly highlight the benefits of and need for well-run public shower facilities.

Such a basic need does not grab attention or headlines but would help people in a way that is beyond description. – Yours, etc,


Director of Services,