Alice Leahy Trust re-opening Monday 20th July 2020

We are very pleased to inform you that our centre will re-open on Monday 20th July 2020 adhering to all Covid-19 guidelines.  It will not be possible for us to cater for the number of people we met prior to the pandemic however we will strive to cope with as many people as possible. 

Thanks to all our friends and supporters who kept in touch with us and gave us great encouragement during this very challenging time.


After a lot of soul-searching and discussion with our Directors the Alice Leahy Trust decided to close on Friday 13th March.

Our centre is too small to ensure social distancing and the safety of our staff and the people who use our service would be compromised.

The people who call to use our service or visit us come from all over the city and beyond.

We too are conscious that we operate in the basement of a large city hostel and we must be mindful of their residents.

We do regret having to close but we had no option – we informed Dublin Regional Homeless Executive of our decision.

Jeanette is able to keep the office going from home and we liaise daily.

Like everyone else, we are daily monitoring the situation in these challenging times.

We look forward to the day when we can open our doors again but in the meantime – keep safe everyone.

Alice Leahy – Director of Services, Alice Leahy Trust

Irish Times: The human factor is key to helping citizens

Faith in public service is restored

Sir, – The embarrassment of being put off the bus in front of my neighbours, with an out-of-date public service card, with very small print, was facing me, having not received a letter I was informed was posted to me pre-Christmas.

A quick internet search for a number to ring was easy. The pre-recorded message, interspersed with music I could dance a jig to, informed me that all lines were busy and an “agent” would be with me as soon as possible. Eventually my call was answered, followed by a number of questions, including what was my mother’s maiden name. I was advised to contact my local Intreo Centre (Department of Social Protection), yes another new name now! I didn’t relish doing so based on past experience.

I called in to D’Olier House in Dublin and in the space of five minutes my faith in public service was restored. I met the most helpful, professional woman with a wonderful smile that would brighten one’s day, Joan. She even offered to give me a letter to ensure my bus trip would be embarrassment-free pending arrival of my updated card. Joan clearly saw me as a fellow human being, not just a statistic to facilitate box-ticking. We clearly need people like her to help people feel they do matter, and there are a lot of people needing services in our technical-dependent age who feel they don’t matter. – Yours, etc,

Director of Services,
Alice Leahy Trust,
Dublin 8.