History was based in TRUST on Bride Road in the basement of the Iveagh Hostel on Monday, December 22 just before Christmas when RTE Radio1 moved in to do the Pat Kenny Show live.

Well known singer Mary Black, who comes from the Liberties sang live on the show and some of the people who come in regularly to TRUST also spoke about their experiences and how they became homeless.

Mairead and Triona Ni Dhomhnall well known singers also performed live and helped create a great atmosphere for what was one of the memorable occasions ever held in TRUST.

The people at TRUST who make it all happen – Alice Leahy, Geraldine McAuliffe and Patrick Grogan – were also interviewed and given the massive reaction this broadcast really touched a chord with the public.

Alice also thanked Pat Kenny, Producer Marian Richardson, the singers and musicians and all of the RTE Radio 1 team who made the show possible.

“We were almost overwhelmed following the show” said ALICE LEAHY Director of TRUST, “which gives us much hope that people are interested in those are often forced to become outsiders and if enough people care fewer people would find themselves excluded. We welcome these kinds of occasions to share with people our experience and to allow them to understand how easy it is to become an outsider. Unless society becomes more understanding of those who are different the number of people being excluded will continue to rise.”