Madam, – At one of the bleakest times in recent history, while witnessing many people who have lost everything, even dreams of a better future, it was refreshing to read the piece by Agnes Aylward (Opinion, December 3rd).

It would be very easy to forget we are a tiny island and yet produce the greatest of artists, sports people, thinkers and entrepreneurs, who have had an impact world wide. Why then is the debate about where we are limited to a small number of recycled experts with a very narrow vision of the world? In this technological age many do not have the facility to express their views and feelings about where we are as a nation and what is possible – this causing even more frustration.

We in Trust have been working with people who are homeless for over 35 years and witness daily hope, despair and resilience to keep going. On a daily basis, too, we experience the goodwill and support of people from all walks of life, from throughout the island of Ireland who make our work possible. We witness the most amazing generosity which we have no doubt is replicated throughout our island.

The Christmas period challenges us all to look at where we are, not just to look for money. It is worth reflecting on the issues raised by Ms Aylward, particularly her plea that “nobody in any position of influence should encourage hopelessness . . . but light the candle”. We surely owe this much to each other. – Yours, etc,


Director Co-Founder,


Bride Road,

Dublin 8.