Sir, – The excellent and sensitive article on the funeral of the late Ned Delahunty ((Chief reporter, Carl O’Brien, Home News, March 14th) reminded the reader of a man who lived life to the beat of his own drum.

The article captured the compassion, care and concern of the community Ned chose to exist in. It also highlighted the resilience of this man to protect his only possession – his identity. This fact should be noted at a time when some people who attempt to access services, often as basic as shelter, are being subjected to the most intrusive questioning, in many instances. These questions at times are demanded by those living lives far removed from those providing or needing a service and unlikely ever to be dehumanised by such an exercise. The pressure to achieve outcomes at times can be cruel, especially for vulnerable, private and reclusive people.

Should the current, now widespread, policy continue, others are likely to seek acceptance in extraordinary, or should I say ordinary, places. The example of this city community could never be quantified in the sterile questionnaires circulated to measure success, but their example will encourage others to accept the stranger whose life will inspire and challenge in equal measure. – Yours, etc,

Director & Co-Founder
Bride Road,
Dublin 8.