Sir, – Rosita Boland’s article and your editorial of August 21st clearly point out the difficulties being experienced by tourists in the city because of anti-social behaviour.

There is no doubt that excessive alcohol and drug consumption can lead to anti-social behaviour and this is clearly evident, especially to those working in the field of homelessness. There is, however, a sense that turning a blind eye to this type of behaviour or moving people on will solve the problem.

Everyone, not just tourists, are entitled to walk the streets free of intimidation or having to witness the appalling behaviour of some people. There is no doubt that policing is required but this alone will not deal with the problem. All of us in society have a role to play, and people need to know that as well as having rights they do too have responsibilities. This, however, can prove very challenging when dealing with people who may have enormous personal problems, often exacerbated by alcohol and other drugs. We need to cherish young people and ensure they are given the example and support they deserve at an early age, this to ensure they don’t see anti-social behaviour as glamorous and the norm. It is important that we deal with this problem with the seriousness it deserves, and deal with it now rather than putting it on the “long finger”. – Yours, etc,

Director of Services,
Alice Leahy Trust,
Bride Road,
Dublin 8.