“Have we humans always been so hateful to each other?” Justine McCarthy asks, a powerful question that should be asked nationwide at all levels(“Contempt is coming from the top down”, comment, last week).
The level of disrespect being shown to people in all walks of life is breathtaking when walking along the streets, shopping, on the buses or attempting to get service. It is even likely that road traffic accidents would decline if the simple word “respect” was practised.
The widespread use of crude language to get a point across is particularly unnecessary. Watching Dail “debates” has become painful and inspires little confidence, a real problem for our cherished democracy. This is a place where a good example should be shown. Tv and radio debates also leave much to be desired at times.
McCarthy’s article should be read widely. Maybe it would be a first step to making us nicer people.

Alice Leahy
Director of Services
Alice Leahy Trust