Sir, – Yesterday morning, Mykhailo from Ukraine, who uses our service, had wished us “Happy International Women’s Day” when he called to say his mother has safely reached these shores.

Having earlier read “National Women’s Council has done itself a lot of damage” (Anne Harris, Opinion & Analysis, March 8th), the following comment resonated with me: “What is deeply troubling for lifelong feminists is that what was once a very pluralist women’s council is now a ‘protest’ platform requiring a homogeneity of ideas associated with certain political parties.”

En route to work yesterday morning in a bus driven by another Anne, a great woman, we wished each other “Happy International Women’s Day”, knowing that we both meant what we said sincerely. However, we were aware that many women would feel excluded today from the national conversation and the hype surrounding it.

The National Women’s Council is heavily funded by our Government through the taxpayer, and it raises the question if other umbrella groups claiming to speak on behalf of everyone could so easily become exclusive. – Yours, etc,


Director of Services,

Alice Leahy Trust,

Dublin 8.