Thanks to Mary Kenny for sharing ‘Cold comfort city: Dublin no longer the warm-hearted, chatty place it once was’ (Irish Independent August 2), a view held by so many people living in and visiting our capital.

I walk the streets of Dublin every day and have done so for so many years. The changes she referred to are sadly all too obvious.

There is a lack of manners and respect for others. The use of mobile phones, particularly on public transport, has made human beings invisible to others, while cycling on the footpaths has become the norm. The idea that someone else is there to clean up your rubbish after you seems to be widespread.

In spite of all the above, I am so grateful that I still meet our friendly postmen and women – let’s hope technology doesn’t condemn them to the scrapheap. Our young community gardaí finding their feet while getting to know people in the community, our wonderful 140 local bus driver, Anne, and the binmen somehow make up for the despair I feel at seeing Dublin losing its soul.

The new Lord Mayor needs support to make “Dublin a city of kindness”, but he is more likely to achieve success if he listens to the daily experiences of the people I have mentioned above.

Thank you, Mary. Let’s hope this is a first step – hope springs eternal.